​ Inspirational ​Sobriety Quotes: ​8 Women Get Real About Their Alcoholism

Best of all, it’s cheaper than many rehab programs, and covered by many insurance plans. This list of addiction recovery quotes is all about inspiration, and the great thing about positive thinking is that it allows you to generate your own inspiration from the inside out. Positive thinking has been shown, time and again, to improve recovery outcomes. Recovery is a lifelong journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation.

sobriety sayings

Whether you use them as daily affirmations, within support groups, or as motivation after an addiction treatment program, sobriety quotes bridge the gap between you and your recovery community. They’re versatile and invaluable recovery tools, comforting and encouraging anyone addiction has impacted. Another study suggests that positive messages can counter and help reduce people’s tendency to hang onto negative experiences, such as the challenges of addiction and withdrawal. Research even goes on to show that meaningful sobriety quotes for addiction recovery and self-affirmations can promote pro-social behavior, boost well-being, and even improve problem-solving under stress. As you can see from above, addiction recovery is possible. Taking things one step at a time, not giving up when you experience setbacks, and practicing positive self-reinforcement can all make a world of difference.

Sobriety Quotes

Learn why combining these substances can be dangerous and how it may impact your health. “Do you feel like you’re way closer or a lot closer to like, you know, knowing who you are, what makes you happy, what fulfills you, all that stuff. If you like these quotes and sayings, then you can also read my other popular blog posts on the topics of Frustration quotes and Pineapple quotes and Pink quotes. The thing is, if I don’t have sobriety, I don’t have anything. Sometimes when in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, when actually you’ve been planted. There are women succeeding beyond their wildest dreams because of their sobriety.

This article has been one of the all-time favorites of readers because it spreads hope for a better tomorrow. I have updated the quotes through the years as well. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. For me, I just happened to be in a situation the very last time and I said, “You know what?

Quotes About Self Love

Staying sober on a daily basis, we experience our full range of emotions. Naturally, there will be times of worry, hardship, boredom, anger and sadness to add to the mix of joy, contentment, freedom and gratitude. Here, Delamere list the best top 20 sobriety quotes of all time, as we see them. The http://nesudba.net/actions/page-3444 late American cartoonist Bil Keane was quoted encouraging people to focus on the present. For people recovering from addiction, this can be encouragement. If you’re looking for reasons to stay sober, think about Author William Paul Young’s quote about never discounting the healing power of tears.

  • Addiction is a progressive, chronic, relapsing disease.
  • I know it is hard but it can be done, you can beat addiction.
  • One of the hardest things was learning that I was worth recovery.
  • These quotes renew your motivation to stay drug and alcohol-free and inspire you to live your life productively and actively.

This is determined by your actions and behavior, not your past addiction. What you did in the past does not decide who you will be in the future. Even if you have failed previously, relapsed, or are in a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. Call us when you feel ready or want someone to speak to about therapy alternatives to change your life.

Best Addiction Recovery Quotes for Those Trying to Get Sober

Recovering from alcohol addiction can feel intimidating. Sometimes, a boost of encouragement, or a reminder that you’re not alone, can make all the difference. Below, we’ve collected some of our favorite https://beautydailytips.com/how-to-come-up-with-a-tattoo-idea/ recovery quotes. First, you’ll find some inspirational wisdom for when the path seems steep. Second, you’ll see some testimony from celebrities who have battled addiction and come out the other side.

  • During this difficult time, it’s important to get all the possible help.
  • While this chapter in your life may be scary, know that you’re not alone.
  • As a lifelong chameleon, I was adept at diverting your attention in order to hide the fact I was living another side of myself in the shadows.
  • The initial journey towards sobriety is a delicate balance between insight into one’s desire for escape and abstinence from one’s addiction.
  • You should prepare to overcome discouragement by knowing in advance that your motivation is going to have ups and downs, and you’ll have to keep going anyway.

Addiction recovery quotes can give you the strength to persevere through the darkest stages of addiction. While attending meetings, going to individual and group therapy, and enrolling in an inpatient recovery facility are useful steps for getting sober, maintaining motivation is the most important https://www.venuschic.com/search/label/tattoo.html part of your recovery journey. Get inspired by these 101 Addiction Recovery Quotes. It takes toughness to make it through the pain of drug and alcohol detox. One of the safest ways to rid toxins from one’s body is to enter a treatment center that is experienced with detoxification.

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